Facebook vs Shareapic

Facebook should be paying you for your pics as Shareapic would.

But why would a company pay you for sharing your pics?

I don’t know the inside story for any particular company, but I can tell you

 1) there’s a load of money coming in the digital photography bust and

 2) more content to more people =  more advertising = more money

I don’t know any inside strategy, I can only guess why a company would NOT pay you for your content you provide.

In any case, if you can, why not not earn income using sites like Shareapic and Photomax?

You can continue using your current photo sharing service provider if you like, there’s nothing stopping you. There’s nothing stopping you from using as many photo sharing services as you like.

Try Shareapic – it’s free. You should also take a look at Photomax, which is more organized around and suitable for people serious about developing a home based business.

Shareapic:  http://www.shareapic.net/ref.php?owner=habrown

Photomax: http://www.habrown.myphotomax.com


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